Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shopping Vintage: Week 2

The rain has come to our high desert area, and we now await the spring weather to follow. When you shop in thrift stores and antique shops, you want to find the item that hooks you. You want to fall in love with something that will look amazing on your shelf or fantastic on you for that night on the town. 

Although you may not get to take in the aroma of antique shelving or feel the 1950's dress, Etsy vintage sellers offer an array of choices for the vintage shopper to choose from. From clothing to home decor, a store can carry items that you would never find on your own! Below are three stores we discovered and love. They carry beautiful vintage items that are retro, unique and elegant.

The first store goes by the name Photos Past. Their love of vintage and antique items is displayed through their diversity and care in the products they post. They have every kind of item and browsing through their store is very much like browsing through a vintage shop. Here are a few of their wonderful products! They also offer 10% off purchase for return customers. 
First Little Golden Books.
Beautiful Vintage Brown Suitcase.

Vintage Pie Basket. Lovely!

The next shop that caught our eye is Vaux Vintage. This beautiful vintage shop main products are vintage clothes and accessories for both men and women. Her photos are simple but fun. Her care and love for vintage shines through her shop and each product is unique in some way. Check out some of her items below!

Awesome 60's Blue and Tan Sprink Knit Top. 

Vintage 70's Denim Cowgirl Top. 
Stunning Vintage 80's Black Suede Cut Out Booties. 

The last vintage shop we wish to present to you is Cab Art Vintage. Filled with French vintage items, this shop has some beautiful vintage finds! From Provence in southern France, Cab Art Vintage finds their items at flea markets and love doing it. In her about, the owner states how her four loves are her husband, her two golden retrievers, painting, and flea markets filled with treasures. Her photos are beautiful and her shop shows her love for vintage. Check out some of her products below!

French Antique Jewelry Box. Beautiful!
Lovely Antique French Kitchen Canisters. 

Unique French Vintage Blue Seltzer Bottle!

If you are looking for unique vintage, browse these amazing stores on Etsy! You can also type in "eve team" for even more exquisite vintage. Enjoy browsing, discovering, and reminiscing. Until next time!